Life is like train…

life is just like railway network

sometimes its so straight

sometimes its like turn and turn

life becomes complex now

passenger comes and enjoy

after they reach their destiny

they left the train

by only say good bye

awesome moment when they in

feels and behaves like own people

made many promises

do favrouite things and enjoy

behave like friends forever

brothers from another mother

love from past life

relations like unbreakable

but one day one moment come

train got stop and they leave it

give smile from platform

and simply says bye

every things got end suddenly

that feelings and attachment

good bye is simple answer

for every things.


Sataya yuga… How it come.?

Today is the day of kalyuga
Many of them still Fighting
For make this sataya yuga
So keep Fighting..

You are the last hope for it
Don’t try to hesitate your self
It your duty to bring again
You have to move forward

By saw other and his personality
Don’t try to copy him
Make your own with truth and reality
Don’t imbalance your equation

If your faith is real And with truth
Firstly suffer and pain come
But in front of truth and time
Its run away from your environment

One day environment becomes satyug
Truth prove him self in front of world
You must get progress
So keep Fighting and believe in truth

Munawar rana

Jab kabhi dhoop ki shiddat ne sataya mujhko
Yaad aaya bahut ek ped ka saaya mujhko

Ab bhi roshan hai teri yaad se ghar ke kamre
Roshni deta hai ab tak tera saya mujhko

Meri khawahish thi ki mai roshni baatuun sabko
Zindagi tune bahut jald bujhaya mujhko

Chahne walon ne koshish to bahut ki lekin
Kho gaya mai to koi dhoond nahi paya mujhko

Sakht hairat me padi maut ye jumla sunkar
Aa, Adaa karna hai saanson ka kiraya mujhko

Shukriya tera adaa karta hoon jaate-jaate
Zindagi tune bahut roz bachaya mujhko

Tera saath๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Tujhse chhutate nhi chhutata
Tera ye saath
Tujhse hataye nhi hatata
Ye najar

Tu dur jane ko v kahti hai
Magar mai jata nhi

Tu so jane ko kahti hai
Magar mai sota nhi

Tujhme mai itna ab
Khoya hu
Ki saara jannat
Teri saath ho kr pata hu

Teri har gussa, daaat
Sb ke sb duaa liya hu

Ab to tu chaah ke v
Nhi dur kar payegi
Jaha v jayegi
Mujhe tu saath payegi

Tu hi hai… Love song

Tu hi hai…. Jindgi..meri…
Tu hi hai…. Jaaannn meri….

Tere liye hai ye saanse mere
Tere liye hi hai ye jaan mere…

Mai jo tm se milaaa
Nayi jindgi hai milaaa

Tu hi hai…. Jindgi meri…
Tu hi hai…. Jaaannn meri….

Mar hi jaata.. Mai..
Jo tm se na milta..

Tera aana u…
Lagta Hai rab ka duaaa…

Tu hi hai…. Jindgi meri
Tu hi hai…. Jaaannn meri

Jiyuga na ek pal bina tere…
Rhugaa hmesaa saath tere…

Duaa hai meri rab se..
De tujhe har jnam me..

Tu hi hai…. Jindgi meri
Tu hi hai…. Jaaannn meri…

Ankh pyasi hai

Ankh pyasi hai koi manzar de
Is jazire ko bhi samandar de

Apana chehara talash karana hai
Gar nahi aina to patthar de

Band kaliyon ko chahiye shabanam
In chiragon may roshani bhar de

Pattharon ke saron se karz utar
Is sadi ko koi payambar de

Kahkahon may guzar rahi hai hayat
Ab kisi din udas bhi kar de

Phir na kahana ke khudkhushi hai gunah
Aj fursat hai faisala kar de

~rahat indori