Time to wake up..🌅

Eyes open with desires

End of dreams 

Wake up and run

For achieving your desires
Its not perfect time

We think….little bit..more..

Dont want to face selfish world

My dreams have better time
I just want to enjoy

My own company

Want someone like me

Life want to enjoy
No one is perfect here

Me and only just like me

But my world can’t complete

No one is perfect like me
Daily i hello..to sun

Do alot promises…

Try to do better…

Time to say…hello..to new truth and reality..
~vikash ranjan

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Jo tune diya…..

Tumne hme roshan kiya 

Tumne hme rasta diya

Tumhi ne hme sikhaya

Bin roye kaise rha jaye

Tmne hme sambhla kiya

Tumne hme santi diya

Tumhi ne hme sikhaya

Jiya kaise jaye

Tmne hme saaya kiya

Tmne hme chhaw diya

Tmhi ne hme sikhaya

Muskuraya kaise jaye

Tmne hme apna kiya

Tmne hme gyan diya

Tm hi ne hme sikhaya

Is duniya ki scchai

Yesb tmne kiya

Jo tha tere paas sb diya

Ehsaas se lekr spne

Sbka drshn kraya

Meri jindgi ne apna kiya

Jo baate hr lmhe diya

muskaan se lekr masumiyat

Sb ne bht kch sikhaya

Maine v duaa kiya 

Subh saam raat

Ishwar tere spne de

Jindgi ki khushiya de

Jo diyaa sb maine liya….

Ab thnks mera tujhe lena hoga..
~vikash ranjan

Remain happy…😘

My life is not toy

Its mine 

Not order to play

Stay away!!

You came and talk

Give me feel of love

I enjoy but

U use my life

I m with u my heart

Alws ready for u

I hate selfishness

Your mind is awseome

U r not my puppet

 I m not ur master

 Only thinks better 

 Want remain happy

Problem is that

I m overthinker

I m overlover

I m most caring

Do much more believe

Remain happy….

The Dazzle man#06



                                                      THE DAZZLE MAN



As continued from back episode……

And then saint said all the stories behind him and his past life.he tell a story which is unexpected for him. He is just unknown from this.he got surprise to know all this.

Saint said that”you are warrior and from warrior family. In past life you are grat warrior of that time and son of great king.

State was so big and richest also,your father also a great warrior. You born and get knowledge of special training by special master. Your power was just like god gifted. Everyone know and believe that you are unbeatable and best army of state.

         During war you got unpacked with amazing energy,your eyes got dazzling and very fast in running and within second many army get defeat. No other king of state capable to defeat that state and you conquare lots of many states and day by day as you grow up your state boundries also on increasing rate and broad.

         You are so confident and ignorance person that why you always get success. Always believe in truth and never fraud with anyone and also kind person. In many of won state you give to that king to rule in the presence of him in same state.

         Slowly-slowly after won many state. You become angry man and vanity person. Start to think you are the king of whole world. Then you know that sentence “everything has own limit. Every story has to end.” Then, just same here occur with you.

 Another king very far from your state get knowledge about such type kingdom which is full of wealth and treasure just like state of gold. Then that king and their son do meeting and decide to any how we have ti won that state. He is also great warrior and his son also has lots of power in arm. He is made of stone. He is also famous in those state. Then fastly king take meeting of state ministers and give order to be prepare any time for war.

But that time you are unknown from this all. That king’s son make a plan send three men to keep regular vision on state and know every  secret of that state and about its architecture  and for know all gate of state to enter. Then those men start to live in your state and passing information to that king and also about soldier of state.”

Written by:-vikash ranjan

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Singing is the rhythm of happiness…..😍

Singing is the rhythm of happiness

singing is an art. which make us  refresh as well as exercise 

to be well being,healthy and relaxed.

Singing is something which makes sensation in nerves as we

get attracted towards the music to be listen and go ahead of this

as relaxation and satisfaction comes as ultimate pleasure.

In today’s life, where life is overrun by much stress, over crowded population and fast running lifestyle.I think singing is 

much sufficient exercise to refresh out from stress.it’s doesn’t 

matter how you sing? how the other sing. if something 

mattered that is how you learn to let’s the thing go ,which you

have no control that’s the singing speak to you . you can’t 

control everything. there are no. of reason why we get upset,

why we don’t able to free ourselves.when

singer starts to sing he leaves the things whatever happens 

or whatever people’s perception. his intensity is only to give his best 

 as what’s he want’s to speak and when the things

come out. it comes to feel happiness,satisfaction and relaxation 

in audience as well as crew slide.

In similar manner we can also have to learn the things let’s 

go as going,don’t supersadedd as to change the things .

enjoy as present full fill the today’s requirement and not take 

much burden about each and every 

things. so, i let’s singing is rhythm of happiness and every one 

have to sing at least once a day to make yourself easier, relaxed and likable everything which best for both healthy as well as career point of view .

So , starts sing at least once a day to make everything 

full of happiness

written by:- ranjeet kumar 

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Tooo much loveee…😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


Amazing feeling remains in your eyes

i just passed by smile 

the feeling that hide inside 

heart is pumping but smile outside

i love you too much

even more than my thoughts,

like a diamond always stay inside

shining always in my eyes 

yours  attitude and style 

hearts a lot from inside

by taking your hand in my hand

going a long mile along hillsides

on which i move with you 

that path see me from inside

may be sarrow and sadness

in selfish world of today’s time

once became my friend 

let’s again moves to that path

i celebrate festival of happiness that time.

with whats i came here 

and what take at end from here

but a moment with you 

my hearts passed from everyone

my inner soul understand from inside 

this path is tough, typical 

and can ruin my whole life

in getting aim of love

throwing himself in river of fire

a lot of difficulties come 

never my lips says about heart 

but desire to say heart voice

tears comes on paper from inside

i love you too much 

too much from hearts inside.

                 written by :- vikash ranjan         

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